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Time flies!

To: HMT Cardinals Time flies! You can't imagine how much you were changing in this baseball journey. From T-ball to Major, you learnt a lot of soft skills and most importantly you built up the HMT spirit. To play the best in every game, not just focus on the game results but the attitude of playing the games. Though it was tough to practise on every saturday afternoon, the reward is encouraging. As the league is coming soon, we trust that all of you will do the best to strike for the best results. Just use back the things you learnt and be concentrated in the field. We are sure that you will play a good show this year. Longing to share your joy in winning the competiton. Keep it up boys! 請家長把以下信息傳達給小球員。 "還記得你們為什麼原因參加了棒球活動?是為强身健體,是為打發當日你的閒暇時間,抑或只是遵循父母的安排?姑勿論當日是為何種原因,今天的你,不折不扣已是一個不怕日曬雨淋的棒球小子! 說實在話,你們真的很"棒",高小/初中的學業繁重,也要參與其它的課外活動,還要出席每星期的恆常訓練,比賽日子期間,連假日的時間也得用來加操,不是"棒",還算什麼。 今屆聯賽開始在即,希望你們對自己定下一個目標,諸如比往年多走一步,加強防守的積極性,多出聲提醒及鼓勵隊友,又或改善自己的打擊姿勢…… 今年你們是八隊中年紀不過是第五大,却已擁有十位球齡三年或以上的隊友,若能認真改善自己的弱點,遵從教練的指導,定必有不錯的成績。 Cardinals, 相信自己的能力吧!以汗水回報在背後默默支持你的教練及父母親們 何文田家長 5 Oct 2015

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